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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to Reality

Well, I'm back home after a quick beach vacation to celebrate our 5th anniversary. The beach was wonderful, and now it's back to reality (and a sick bulldog). Before I left, I finished my first large frame using some new ribbon and a fabulous rhinestone belt buckle from a vintage dress:

The pictures don't do this frame justice, it really is gorgeous. I plan on personalizing the bottom of the frame with a name or phrase if it sells on Etsy and the customer wants it that way. If it doesn't sell it will have a prominent place in my living room!

Next on my crafting list is to get the big pile of tins I received last week prepped and sanded and ready to be painted and embellished. In the meantime, I'll be featuring some fellow crafters on my blog for inspiration, hope you enjoy!

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