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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Tigers Lose, But It’s Time for a Party Anyway!

Well, unfortunately the Tigers couldn’t pull off a win against the #1 team this weekend.  The defense showed up to play but the offense did not!  All was not lost, though, as we had a great weekend of food, friends and fun.

I’ll be working on a few projects this week (if this rain ever stops!) so hopefully I’ll have more to show soon.  In the mean time, everyone needs to get ready for the “Throwback Thursday: Decorating Mistakes” Linky Party right here on Thursday, October 22!!While in Baton Rouge this weekend, I stayed with a friend of mine who is remodeling her house from top to bottom, slowly but surely.  Every room will have to be touched.  Believe me, there were some serious decorating mistakes in that house.  Like the guest bathroom, for example.  The previous owners SPONGE PAINTED over WALLPAPER! Yes, believe it:


Let me tell you, it is horrible! And that is the least of it! I’ll have more photos to show you on party day.

So if you’ve made a few decorating blunders in your past (or maybe it’s the fault of the previous owners of your home), get those photos ready and let’s all have a good laugh! 

Maybe you made an ill-advised color or pattern selection that at the time was all the rage but is now dated and out of style.  Maybe you bought a piece of artwork on a whim that didn’t exactly work once you got it home. Maybe at the time you sponge painted your walls pink and baby blue (ahem, Mom) you thought it looked great, but now wonder “What was I thinking??” Maybe the previous owners of your home painted the bathroom lime green with purple stripes.  We’re all friends here, we can relate!

So mark your calendars, grab the button and plan to be back here on Thursday, October 22.  I can’t wait!  Maybe you can even show us a “before and after” so you’ll be able to join up with other parties as well (Met. Monday/Transformation Thursday).


  1. That does sound fun! I'll be back! Are you from MI? Is that why you're a Tiger fan? I'm from MI. That's why I ask!

  2. I'll dig through some of my old pictures and find those "mistakes" (which at the time I didn't think were mistakes)! The party should be a lot of fun.
    Sorry your team lost!

  3. Hey you!

    Thanks for the party reminder. It sounds like a fun time full of laughs!

    ps. Thanks for the questions!


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